Miami and Everglades Dark Sky Week 2022

An Earth Day is also an Earth Night in the Magic City of Miami, in the Florida Keys, along the River of Grass, the Kissimmee River Valley and its Chain of Lakes, and all across the Greater Everglades. In 2022, we are expanding collaboration efforts that began in 2021 in Miami-Dade County for Miami Dark Sky Week to include the entire Greater Everglades region – because we are connected, not only by water, but also by a shared night sky. Residents, businesses and visitors in Miami-Dade and across the Greater Everglades are encouraged to #DiscoverTheNight, to celebrate and explore the nocturnal world and the night sky, and to learn why the night is also worthy of protection and restoration.

Starting this April 2022, visit or for updates on events, activities, stories, film clips and resources that will inspire us to look up: at home, close to home, or virtually on the web. Learn how light pollution affects people, wildlife, ecology, and the climate; and why we must work together to protect and restore the health and wonder of the night in Miami-Dade, in the Greater Everglades, and beyond.

We also encouraging residents and businesses to turn off non-safety and unnecessary lights by 8pm each Earth Night, starting on Earth Day and during rest of #DarkSkyWeek (April 22-30, 2022), to remind everyone that each Everglades day needs an Everglades night.

The Real Florida, Wild Florida, needs with less light pollution – for the sake of our residents, our visitors, our wildlife, our waters, our lands and our economy. Join us to discover, explore, celebrate, restore and protect the night.

Partners will be bringing a diversity of opportunities for engagement, including virtual talks; educational displays; stargazing and night walks; virtual reality experiences; citizen science and other volunteer opportunities.


Apr 22 - 30 2022


East time zone
All Day

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Greater Everglades Region in Florida (USA)


Greater Everglades Region in Florida (USA)

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Miami-Dade County, Florida


Sierra Miami, IDA Florida and many other partners
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