Artificial Light Pollution and Human Health

International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) invites everyone to discover the night during the week of April 5-12, 2021. Every year, IDA hosts International Dark Sky Week (IDSW) to raise awareness about light pollution’s many adverse effects. It is always held when the sky is darkest and the stars most visible. IDA Advocates work worldwide to bring awareness to light pollution and amplify IDA’s solutions to protect the night.
You can witness that Human-made artificial light pollution creates an environmental disaster and human health hazard worldwide. I am going to talk about the following items:
Light Pollution in the Major Cities of the World
Examples of Unpolluted Cites around the world
A World Without Light Pollution
Dark Sky and the Natural Environment
Human Systems and Environmental Systems
Light Pollution and Circadian Rhythm
Human Health and Circadian Rhythm
Light and Visual System
Light at Night (LAN) and Accident, Obesity, Melatonin Suppression, Cancer and others
Some Existing Case Studies
Visual and Circadian System
Light pollution is not just for astronomers. It impacts the whole society, including humans, wildlife, and the environment.


Apr 10 2021


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm