International Dark Sky Week Activities

Enjoy these fun activities to discover the night wherever you live.

#DiscovertheNight #IDSW2021

IDA and The World at Night invite you to join us, and others around the world, as we discover the night from home. Take a picture of the night sky from your neighborhood and share on your social media feed with hashtags #DiscovertheNight and #IDSW2021.

(Photo by Babak Tafreshi, Instagram)

Do a Home Lighting Assessment

By following five simple principles for responsible outdoor lighting at home, you can protect nocturnal wildlife, be a good neighbor, and preserve the night sky. Follow our user-guide to certify your home dark sky friendly, and download a certificate! 

(Photo by Steven Miller)

Night Sky Activities for Kids & Families 

The night, and its star-filled sky, can be a source of connection, exploration, and fun! 

Learn How to Proect the Night from Light Pollution

Light pollution is increasing worldwide at twice the rate of global population growth. Eight out of ten people live under a light-polluted night sky, at least three billion dollars is wasted on outdoor lighting each year in the U.S., and virtually every species studied has been harmed by light pollution. But the solutions to reversing these trends are simple. Learn more about IDA’s work to protect the night from light pollution. 

Connect with Others Near You

IDA Chapters and advocates, all over the world, share your love of the night and its star-filled sky. Connect with others near you and share your passion for the night. 

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Can you pitch in a few dollars a month to protect the night? Support the International Dark-Sky Association by becoming an IDA monthly member today.