Vivian White is the Director of Free Choice Learning at the Astronomical Society of the Pacific in San Francisco, CA. She and her team administer the NASA Night Sky Network, a community of more than 400 astronomy clubs across the US, creating activities and demonstrations for informal educators and their audiences. Current projects include workshops for amateur astronomers on increasing equity in their outreach through the Girls Scouts: Reaching for the Stars grant. The activity featured in this presentation was created for the Big Astronomy project. This and many others are part of a developing Toolkit of resources to support the Big Astronomy planetarium show that features all of the jobs it takes to make astronomy happen at some of the world’s largest telescopes in Chile. She also enjoys her work with Tibetan monks and nuns, incarcerated learners, and as a camp astronomer. You can read about some of her adventures on her blog:

IDSW Presentation Description: Telling Sky Legends

The night sky has inspired cultures around the world and across time. We record our legends, values, and mirrors of daily life in patterns of the stars above. If you’re familiar with the Greek constellations, explore how other¬†civilizations have envisioned the sky. And if you’re a beginning stargazer, discover them all! Learn how to teach about sky legends in ways respectful to everyone, whether it’s a commonly told story or a glimpse into a belief system that is sacred to a culture. Included is an activity to create your own Sky Story with a constellation visible in the sky this season. Links available to stories, worksheets, and online resources to see the sky through other’s eyes.¬†