Tracie Beuden has a lifelong love of astronomy and the night sky. She has been working in STEAM education outreach for the past 12 years, for both the general public and with some amazing K-12 schools. She spent six years as a docent for Eastern Arizona College Discovery Park Campus and MGIO, home of the Large Binocular Telescope. She currently presents at Mt. Lemmon SkyCenter during the nightly stargazing program and volunteers for NOAO’s Project ASTRO as an astronomer partner. She just entered her second year as a Solar System Ambassador, working as a volunteer for NASA and JPL. She is also a new Fellow for the Smithsonian Astronophysical Observatory. Her favorite night sky object is the Pleiades, an open cluster of stars that is envisioned as a group of sisters across many cultures and in their respective mythologies. She has an affinity for cats and hopes to one day study space rainbows!

IDSW Presentation DescriptionJoin us for a crash course introduction to amateur astronomy! Learn the basics of navigating the night sky from your own backyard.