Aroha Rawson

Tīhei mauri ora! 

Ko Ranginui te rangipāpā, ko Papatūānuku te māmā oneone. Ko Te Moana Nui a Kiwa te Moana, ko Tākitimu, Mataatua, Te Arawa me Tainui ōku waka. Ko Aroha Rawson toku ingōa. 

Aroha comes from Aotearoa (New Zealand) and has been a keen amateur astronomer for 25 years. She has a particular interest in Māori and indigenous astronomies and their intrinsic and powerful connection to past, present and future economies of wellbeing. 

Her study of the Maramataka (Māori Moon Calendar) began in earnest in 2010. Learn about Matariki – the Maori New Year at

As an Artistic Director in the arts/events and tourism industries Aroha curates in collaboration with first people of the land where the work is to take place. The core of each curated collaboration is guided by a combination of factors including geographic location, the Maramataka in relation to that position, understanding read from star clusters and constellations and desires of the local iwi (tribe).

Aroha works to empower audiences to engage in life practices and support governmental policies to immediately affect the wellbeing of our planet and believes wholeheartedly in the very simple encouragement and advice of knowledge holders around the globe, Dr. Rangi Matamua (Tūhoe),  “Go outside, look”, dear friend and mentor Dr. Isabel Hawkins, “Go outside and look up” and Koro Rerata Makiha (Ngaphui) “Just look, observe and watch, like our tūpuna (ancestors) did” .

Haumi ē, hui ē, tāiki e!