Crystal White, Associate Director of Friends of Arches and Canyonlands Parks (FOACP), is a naturalist of 17 years and an amateur astronomer of 14 years. She was recently selected as a NASA Solar System Ambassador volunteering with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and receives intense training from the scientists and engineers throughout NASA’s network of centers. Her true passion in life lies in conserving our view of the universe and keeping the night sky clear for everyone to draw inspiration and enjoyment. She has accomplished this goal through her work with the International Dark Sky Association, the Colorado Plateau Dark Sky Cooperative (FOACP), and Moab Dark Skies.

IDSW Presentation Description: NASA satellites and projects provide scientists, engineers, and dark sky advocates with the scientific information needed to show the impacts of artificial light at night. Take a more in-depth look into the TERRA, AURA, Black Marble missions, and other NASA projects which are shedding light on the spread of artificial light at night.